St. Germain

St. Germain was High Priest in the Temple of  Purification , the Temple of the Violet Flame, on Atlantis. By his invocation he sustained the Violet Flame.Prior to the sinking of Atlantis he transported the Flame to Transylvania where he later founded the House of Rakoczy.

He  was  St. Joseph, the father of  Jesus.  In the Court of King Arthur he was Merlin.

St.Germain was also Columbus.  In  his  incarnation at the time of the French Revolution he was known as

Comte de Saint Germain who worked to establish a United States of  Europe. He inspired  the early American patriots to establish a nation conceived in Liberty.

St. Germain is now Director for the new cycle of 2,000 years, the Aquarian  Age. He encourages the use of the freeing and healing of the Sacred Violet Flame through Ritual, Invocation, and Rhythm.

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