Master Serapis Bey

Master  Serapis  was one of  the  forty-nine Mighty Seraphim who came in the beginning.

Forty-eight returned home to the Great Central Sun, but Serapis remained as a magnet to draw to each planet, as it was created, a Host of Seraphim for its development and growth.

Serapis was a  priest  in  the Ascension Temple in Atlantis and before the sinking he took a portion of the flame to an area of Luxor Egypt and established  a temple there for the Ascension Flame.

While embodied as Akhenaton IV and Amenophis III, he built  the temples at Thebes and  Karnak, He was very active as an architect in Greece with creating the design of the Parthenon and the Colossus at Rhoades.

He made his Ascension around 400 B.C.and became Chohan of  the Fourth Ray under which comes the Action of the Ascension Flame.

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