Elohim Orion

Orion is known as Elohim of the Third Ray. He also works on Rays Seven and Eleven.

A Sage of ancient times when the earth was new, he came to instruct the people of earth in the ways of spirit. In later times he was a Hierophant who gave  instructions in the Great Pyramid.  Wisemen placed his name in the heavens.

With the vibration of song, harmony, rhythm, and color he guards and protects the Christ- Self and the Christ-Self Energies of mankind.

Elohim Orion focuses light on the Third Eye with the spiritual impression of the Universe in God. He encourages mankind to develop the Power of Love in our service to life, to learn to serve God for the Joy of it! He tells us that within the power of Love is the cohesive Power that draws and holds form together and has Eternal Life.

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