Meet These Light Beings

Note cards and portrait prints are available for purchase.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales is used for programs benefiting women and children.  Click on the name for more details on each one.

    Angel Joy
    Archangel Michael
    Aquarian Madonna
    Christ Jesus Sananda
    Djwhal Khul
    El Morya
    Lady Elohim Astrea
    Lady Hierarch Pluto
    Mother Mary
    Serapis Bey
    St. Germain

These Images

The images of angels, guides and ascended masters were channeled to Reverend Elizabeth Huffer (Anilda), and later painted by psychic artists. Their sacred beauty and divine purpose in appearing here at this time are part of heralding in the golden age.

There are many more light beings . .  these 14 are specifically those who came to Elizabeth and later painted by Celaya  Winkler. - except Orion, a water color painted by Vicki Reed and Lady Pluto, painted by Carmyl, (Carmel Denton)