Lady Elohim Astrea

Astrologically,  Lady Elohim Astrea  is  the beautiful Virgin Virgo, who holds the Scale of the Gods, Libra, in her hands.

In classical myth, Astrea, daughter of Zues and Themis, was the Goddess of Justice who withdrew from the earth at the end of the Golden Age of Atlantis.

She was a High Priestess during the time of Atlantis.

Astrea now draws the fire forth from the Great Central Sun for the Freedom of all Life.

She will cleanse and purify all negative conditions as well as their cause and core.

Like Mother Mary,  the crescent moon is a symbol for Astrea Elohim activity is Cosmic.

Thus, she represents the Divine Feminine in directing Cosmic energies. Through the consciousness of the Divine Mother so may we magnify purity of body, mind, and soul.

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