JoyRae Freeman

I met Elizabeth Huffer in Santa Barbara, California when attending a metaphysical Christian service at Elizabeth’s home 1992-93.

When I first saw these paintings displayed on Elizabeth’s walls – I fell completely in love with them. Over the years, Elizabeth & I developed a friendship and stayed in touch as we both lived in various locations.

In the early 2000’s Elizabeth and I formed a contract for sharing the images with the public through prints and note cards.

In 2005, I visited Elizabeth in Sedona, where she then lived in an assisted living facility. Elizabeth was preparing to leave this lifetime.  In early 2006, Elizabeth passed on from this earthly plane. I later bought the originals and copyrights from her estate.

The announcement of her passing, although not a complete surprise, left me with a great sense of loss – even though I understand the eternity of spirit and the life cycles.

From the higher realms, I heard her say to me, “Do not grieve for my departure. Instead, take the synergy we had for the work of the Masters, the projects we both love so much and put that passion into action for helping to create something better for our future – the women, the children. In that manner, the essence of all that you love about me and these images – lives still – through you and the work."

And, isn’t that what we all must do? Continue a divine legacy about which you feel passionate, or create one yourself – give it life, love it, share it, be it and be joyful that it lives on in all that is touched along the way.