Master Hilarion

The Master Hilarion, earlier  known  as Saul and  then as Paul is Chohan of Fifth Ray of
Truth, Science, and Healing. He was a Priest at the Temple of Truth on Atlantis. He is also
praised for his gifted music and poetry.

During and after the time of Jesus’ ministry,  he was very hostile to Jesus’ teachings.How-
ever, it  was preordained that he, as well as others, establish the new religion, the Christian Dispensation.

Jesus appeared  to him on
the Road to Damascus in a “burst of Light” to remind and awaken him.

Mother Mary and the Disciples worked long and earnestly with Paul and he was given the
gifts of the Holy Spirit and  he went forth  to teach and heal. He was given his Ascension at the end of that lifetime.

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