Reverend Elizabeth Huffer (Anilda)

Elizabeth first began to talking to Mother Mary when her maternal grandmother taught her the prayer, “Hail Mary” – at about 2 years of age. She also has seen Mother Mary many times over the years and has felt the presence when Mary either was channeled or telepathically relayed the messages.

When Elizabeth was not quite 5 years old, she complained to Mother Mary – wondering if she had been sent to the wrong mother. After all, Mother Mary had told Elizabeth that she would be doing a lot of writing and Elizabeth’s mother had not yet sent her to writing school.

Over the years, Elizabeth got involved with spiritual studies and became an Ordained Christian Minister, a Spiritual Counselor, an Astrologer and Doctor of Divinity and Psychology.

She started as a voice channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  The material was developed into a “Decree and Song Book”, “The Prism” booklets and a book of Mother Mary messages “Spiral To The Sun”.  The Joy Foundation was founded in 1977.

Elizabeth lived from 1922 – 2006.