Master El Morya

Master El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray, came to earth as a guardian from the planet Mercury. He is Chief of the Council of the Great  White  Brotherhood at Darjeeling, India.

He  assists in all  governments  and helps anyone desiring to do God’s Will.

Most of  Master  El Morya’s  embodiments have been in the masculine and in a rulership capacity. He was the Irish  poet Sir Thomas Moore and Joseph of Arimathaea.

Master El Morya , with  Master  Kuthumi and Master Djwhal Khul brought Theosophy forth in the late 1800’s.

Master El Morya tells us that every impediment is always tied to impure desire. This can be dissolved by our conscious free will.

The “Will of God manifests through the perfect Law of God.”   

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