Master Djwhal Khul

The Master, Djwhal Khul, has been called “Messenger of the Masters.” Djwhal Khul refers to himself as D.K., the Tibetan.

Profoundly learned, Djwhal Khul  knows more about the rays and planetary Hierarchies than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters. He dictated many books through Alice Bailey. His Prayer, “The Great Invocation” is said by individual and groups throughout the world.

The Master D.K. took treasures from Lemura to Asia before the continent sank. He embodied many times in Asia and lived in the great Lamasaries there.  He was Kleinias, the favorite Pupil of Pythagoras, and the first chela of Guatama Buddha.

The Master D.K. works with those who heal. He is restoring and has restored, some of the old an occult methods of healing.

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