Celaya Winkler

Celaya Winkler is a clairvoyant artist, who worked at Walt Disney studios as an artist for 30 years

The painting of Blessed Mary as the Aquarian Madonna – was painted by clairvoyant artist Celaya Winkler in 1981, the last of 12 paintings of the masters for Elizabeth, starting in 1969.

When the Aquarian Madonna image appeared to Elizabeth, it was a beautiful summer morning. She was engaged in some color breathing exercises with one of her students on a small open porch off the family room of her home.  The student said, “You have a very beautiful lady standing behind you!” Without even turning, Elizabeth could see the image in detail, including the dove.  The Madonna was standing only two feet from Elizabeth.

Elizabeth called Celaya and did her best to describe the mantle, which is quite detailed. Celaya said, “Never mind, I’ll see the detail when she appears to me.” And she did!  Every detail was perfect. .  

When she retired, the images of many Ascended Masters, Angels and Space Commanders appeared to her and asked that she paint portraits of them as she had seen them. By many, these beings are considered the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Celaya’s work was commissioned by Elizabeth and various other voice channels, who were familiar with these beings through the messages. There are dozens of additional other images in collections; the images in the collection on this website - were commissioned by Elizabeth Huffer.